Growing crops in the urban areas? That is possible! The Davao City Urban Organic Container Garden Program generally promotes the sustainable organic agriculture in the urban areas in Davao City. Containerized gardening can be the answer to the limited space for growing your crops. Urban Container Garden Program promotes urban organic farming as a scheme to guarantee food and environmental safety as well as reduce expenses through application of organic fertilizers and likewise addresses solid waste management.

The Davao City Rooftop Garden Center located at the City Hall Annex Building at Pichon St., and the Marfori Community Organic Garden located at Garnet Street, Marfori Subdivision, present as models of Urban Container Garden (UCG). 

Since mass gathering/fora are discouraged due COVID-19, the scheduled monthly trainings were suspended. Activities in the gardens were shifted into production of assorted organic vegetable. From January to July, 2022, 498.27 kgs. of assorted organic vegetable were donated to the following centers: Paginhawaan Drop-In Center, Quick Response Team for Children’s Concern, Sidlakan Women Crisis Center, Bahay Pag-asa, Co Su Gian Home for the Aged, Balay Dangupan and Lingap Center for Mentally Challenged . Likewise, 6, 143 pieces of assorted organic vegetable and herbal seedlings were also distributed to the following: Eden Garden, Josefa Segovia Foundation, Inc., Sisters Presentations of Mary, City Library, Davao Water District, F. Bangoy National High School, Barangay Catalunan Pequeño, 5-A, 74-A, 20-B, 9-A, 8-A Hopeful Rural Improvement Club, Tigatto, Waan, Dumoy Proper, and walk in clients.