What We Provide

A. Extension Services

  1. Cereal Production Enhancement Program
  2. High Value Crops Development Program
    • Trainings
    • Technodemo
    • Soil Analysis
    • Bio Control Distribution
    • Field Exposure
    • Seed Production Services
    • Production Monitoring
    • Seeds/Seedlings Distribution
    • Nursery Establishment
    • plant now pay later (PNPL): A planting materials dispusal scheme
  3. Postharvest Technologies and Production Enhancement Program
    • Trainings
    • Field Exposure
    • Product Development

B. Support Services

  1. Vegetable Seed Production
    • Production and release of vegetable seeds
  2. Agro-Forestry Development Program
    • Establishment of Satellite Nurseries and release of planting materials
  3. Tissue Culture Production
    • Production and Release of Tissue Cultured Plantlets
  4. Biological Control Agents Production
    • Production and release Bio-Control Agent (Trichogramma)
  5. Bio- Fertilizer and Bio-Pesticides production
    • Production and Release of Bio-Fertilizers and Pesticides
  6. Small Scale Composting Project
    • Distributing and Monitoring of mobile shredders & beneficiaries
    • Distrubuting of vermi and Monitoring of vermicast produced
  7. Farm to Market Road Development
  8. Agricultural Tram Line System Project
  9. Post harvest Development Program
  10. Agro Processing Promotion Project
  11. Farm Mechanization Program
  12. Irrigation and Agricultural Drainage Development Program
  13. Soil & Water Conservation Land Management
  14. Coastal and Marine Resource Enhancement Program
    • Resource Assessment
    • Mangroves nursery establishment
    • Rehabilitation of denuded mangrove areas
    • Formulation of marine protected area plans
    • Monitoring and evaluation of marine protected areas (MPA’s)
  15. Municipal Fishing Development Program
    • Trainings
    • Technodemo
    • Fish Catch Monitoring
  16. Fishery Law Enforcement Program
    • Seminars/Trainings
    • Sea-borne Patrol Operations
    • Registration of fisherfolk, bancas and fishing gears
    • Issuance of Auxiliary Invoices/transhipment permit
  17. Livelihood Assistance Program
    • Seminars/Trainings
    • Facilitate Market Fairs
    • Market linking/matching
    • Facilitate in preparation and review of project proposal
  18. Institutional Development Program
    • Organizing/strengthening agri-fishery organizations
    • Seminars/Trainings
    • Special Events
    • Field Exposures
  19. Farmers Information and Technology Services (FITS)
    • Infoboard SMS, Internet Services
    • IEC materials production/reproduction and distribution in print, audio/video, database and e-format
    • Techno-clinics
    • Agri-Press releases
    • Rainfall data gathering and distribution
  20. Agricultural Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Services
    • Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation
    • Planning/programming and project development
    • Agricultural Resource and Information System – Geographic Information System (ARIS – GIS)
    • Plant Now Pay Later (PNPL) : A planting materials dispersal scheme
    • Establishment of scion grove/bud wood garden and fresh water fish hatchery
    • Production of release of planting materials and fingerlings

What are the Requirements

Fishery Services Auxiliary Invoice (Permit to Transport pursuant to Sec. 15 of RA 8550, Series of 1998 and Section 263 of City Oridinance No. 158, Series of 2005.

  1. Shipper or his/her duly authorize representative will secure order of payment from CAO-Extension Division;
  2. Shipper or his/her duly authorize representative shall pay corresponding fees and charges to City Treasurers Office and asked for the official receipt, thereof;
  3. Extension Division personnel facilitates issuance of the auxiliary invoice filling all the necessary information given by the shipper or his/her duly authorize representative on the said form;
  4. Extension Division personnel will conduct random actual inspection and verification of said fish and fishery/aquatic products be it live, processed, fresh, frozen or cooked prior to its shipment.

Flow Chart & Requirements

  1. Permit to operate fish cages/fish corals/shallow water fish shelter pursuant to Section 131 and 149 of Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as local government code, and provision of Article 5, Sec. 263 (a), (5) of City Ordinance No. 158-05 Series of 2005, Revenue Code of City of Davao as Amended.

Requirement for Plant Now Pay Later (PNPL):

  1. Davao City Farmers-(land owners)
  2. Recommendation from concerned Agricultural Technologist (AT), submits lists-to Municipal Agricultural Officer (MAO)
  3. MAO submits lists to Extension Division for validation and approval
  4. MAO accomplishes Request and Issue Voucher (RIV) approved by the City Agriculturist
  5. MAO forwards RIV to the Nursery based in Malagos, Baguio District for withdrawal of planting materials
  6. MAO turns over the withdrawn planting materials to the requesting farmer/s.
  7. A�A Davao City farmer/farm owner
  8. Owns a farm/a lot
  9. A registered farmer/member of an association or cooperative recognized by CAO
  10. Has undergone training on commodity production
  11. A recommendee from the barangay/municipal level
  12. MOA between CAO and farmer
  13. A variety of vegetables seeds are given free to individuals/walk-in clientele for backyard production in the satellite district offices and in the main office of CAO
  14. Fruit trees may also be given to farmers who are non-members of associations or cooperatives and other individuals with only a minimal number of fruit tree seedlings and depending on the varieties available at the CAO nursery based in Malagos, Baguio District.

How much does it cost

Section 263. b) Fees for Fish Transport (From Davao City to any point outside Davao City).FEES / Set Kg.Wt.

1. Fresh Frozen Fish & Fishery Products Php 50.00/ton (& fraction thereof)
2. Preserved /Processed fish, (iced, frozen,salted, dried, smoked patis, bagong, etc ) Php 50.00/ton (& fraction thereof)
3. Trocha shell (smooth, rough, male & female) ( more than 60 mm) Php 50.00/ton
4. Green Snail Shell Php 50.00/ton
5. Kapis Shell (more than 80 mm) Php 50.00/ton
6. Sea Cucumber / Balatan Php 50.00/ton
7. Dried Seaweed ( Eucheuma ) Php 50.00/ton
8. Dried Sharkfin Php 50.00/ton
9. Salted Skin of Sea Snakes Php 50.00/ton
10. Dried Starfish Php 50.00/ton
11. Bangus fry or other species Php 10.00/thousand
12. Bangus Fingerlings or other species Php 10.00/thousand
13. Empty Shell of non-prohibited species Php 50.00/ton
14. Live Fish Php 50.00/thousand

Ordinance No. 158-05 Series of 2005 (An ordinance approving the 2005 Revenue Code of the City as amended) Section 263. Imposition of Fees. Fees for the Exclusive Privilege of Establishing Fish Corals, Shallow Water Fish Shelter “Payao” and Cages, Culture Beds, or Catching “Bangus” Fry or Fry of other species.

Amount of Fee per Annum

1. Operation of fishponds or oyster culture Beds, per hectare. Php 1,000.00
2. Catching “Bangus” fry or “Kawag-kawag”
Less than 2,000 sq. m. Php 500.00
2,000 sq. m. or more but less than 5,000 sq.m. Php 800.00
5,000 sq.m. or more but less than 6,000 sq.m. Php 1,000.00
6,000 sq.m. or more but less than 8,000 sq.m. Php 1,200.00
8,000 sq.m. or more Php 1,500.00
3. Fish corrals or fishpens in inland fresh waters
Less than 500 sq. m. Php 100.00
500 sq. m. or more but less than 1,000 sq.m. Php 300.00
1,000 sq.m. or more but less than 5,000 sq.m. Php 500.00
5,000 sq.m. or more but less than 10,000 sq.m. Php 800.00
10,000 sq.m. or more Php 1,000.00
4. Fish Corals Established in the sea (high-tide level)
Less than 3 meters deep Php 100.00
meters deep or more but less than 5 meters Php 300.00
5 meters deep or more but less than 8 meters Php 300.00
8 meters deep or more but less than 10 meters Php 500.00
10 meters deep or more but less than 15 meters Php 1,500.00
15 meters deep or ore Php 2,000.00
5. Fish Cages: Per 100 sq. m. or a fraction thereof Php 1,000.00
6. Per Payao Php 200.00
7. Oyster and other shelled mollusk culture beds
Per 100 sq. m. or a fraction thereof Php 1,000.00
8. Mariculture/Sea Farming Seaweeds Culture per hectare Php 1,000.00

a. Fees for Licenses (General Schedule for License Fees) Kind of Fishing Gear (Vernacular) License Fee per Annum

1. Fishermen using nets:
a. Panamban Php 200.00
b. Pamanti Php 200.00
c. Laya Php 50.00
d. Panggal Php 200.00
e. Palaran Php 200.00
f. Pamo Php 200.00
2. Fishermen using traps:
a. Bentol Php 400.00
b. Bobo Php 200.00
c. Bungsod Php 400.00
3. Fishermen using hook & line:
a. Subid Php 200.00
b. Palangre Php 200.00

Who can avail

  • Plant Now Pay Later (PNPL)
  • Davao City Farmers – (land owners)