The Seedbank and Research Division of the Davao City Agriculturist’s Office has been growing vegetables in greenhouses since February 2022. The three (3) greenhouse structure at Malagos Nursery was under the Development of Community Gardens and Enhancement of Urban Garden Vegetable Production in Davao City During Public Health Emergency Program and was completed in November 2021. The program also showcase and serve as model for farmers on how to grow crops in small spaces and develop available idle areas in the city to become productive.

In April 2022, assorted organic greenhouse-produced vegetables were harvested and distributed to Davao Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center, Lingap Center for Mentally Challenged Children, Central 911, Public Safety and Security Command Center, City Mayor’s Office, City General Services Office, City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, and City Legal Office.

Greenhouse farming is an agricultural practice of growing crops under protected environment. It protects crops from external threats such as pests and extreme weather conditions. It also allows farmers to grow high value crops like vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers, among others. Greenhouse technology most importantly increase yields and improve the quality of products.

At present, they are growing tomatoes, okra, eggplant, sweet pepper, cabbage, curly lettuce and pechay in greenhouses at Malagos Nursery.