The City Government of Davao through the City Agriculture Office has been establishing Small Water Impounding System (SWIS) since February 2020. As of March 2022, there were already 180 units of SWIS established in Marilog District. The establishment of rainwater catchment project aims to assist rain dependent farmers of the 8 agricultural areas of Davao City to help reduce the ecological and economic impacts and be prepared for disasters brought by climate change.

Effects of global climate change are happening now, which observably includes long periods of drought and excessive amount of rainfall for some regions. Rainwater catchments improve resilience of upland farming communities to withstand drought and excessive rainfall; and support the soil and water conservation and ecological balance, thereby helping mitigate floods and drought. When drought occurs, rainwater harvested in the past months can be used to irrigate crops. Further, the catchment on a large enough scale, may also help prevent flooding by keeping rainwater. It also helps reduce soil erosion and keeps water from being contaminated with pesticides and fertilizers from water run-off. Likewise, the water catchment can be used as fish pond to add income to farmers.